I help small businesses achieve
authentic social media branding by
providing simple, fun and stress-free training.


Angie Powell   .   0400 726 466

What do you get with your membership?

Weekly Facebook Live lessons to get your social media rocking.
Lesson replays are available to watch at your own convenience if you miss the live.

Training sessions are saved in the Facebook Membership Group.
You can search for the training you are looking for easily via hashtags.

Do you have a burning question you need answered?
I give you an opportunity to ask questions and I’ll answer at the end of each training session.

Weekly content ideas to help you produce engaging posts.
Understand how to attract customers to your business authentically.

Learn sales and marketing tips which are a real game changer.
Learn how to define your perfect customer and engage with them on social media.

Social 4 Biz Subscription

Weekly lesson plan (for under $8 a week)

Part 1 – Super social media training
Each week I will train on one particular area of social media for us to
work on together and get comfortable using.

Part 2 – Tracking our progress together
I will be your accountability partner so you work on your social media regularly
and start to see the results you want.

Part 3 – Simple sales and marketing
I will share with you over 25 years of my marketing and sales experience to help
you connect and engage with your customers online.

Part 4 – Your questions answered
Feel free to message or email me questions through the week so I
have answers ready to go on the call.

Subscribe and grow your social media reach

Social 4 Biz Subscription

You will be added to the Private Social 4 Biz Membership Facebook Group.
I will welcome you and send you a plan of how we will proceed together.

You will have an opportunity to share your business with the group.
This let’s me know where you are at and what you need help with too.

If you have any questions about the plan please ask.
Email angie@angiepowell.com.au any time.

Bonus offer for joining the Membership Group

Social 4 Biz Subscription

Enjoy a FREE 8 part LinkedIn Training video series to help you
jump onto the fastest growing
social media platform at the minute
and make it work for your business.

No cancellation fee or stress

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting me.
Don’t feel locked in by signing up.  If the plan isn’t for you – I understand.


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